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MEP Tomas Zdechovsky Endorsement for Carers

We would like to thank MEP Tomas Zdechovsky for supporting caregivers and the “Learn4Carers” Erasmus+ project.

“Demographic ageing in Europe calls for a better care and a serious sustainability test for our social and health-care systems.
The difference amongst the EU member states is massive,  but the growing demand, declining supply, quality and financing of care systems are challenges that are consistent across the EU.
Carers have a very important role in organization and sustainability of health and social care systems.
They will become even more important due to demographic aging and  increasing number of chronic diseases.
It is therefore important to develop a carer-friendly environment.
The Commissions proposal on work-life balance for parents and carers is an important piece of the puzzle and I personally call upon European states to endorse and implement the proposal without delay.
I wish success to the Erasmus+ project  “Learn for Caregivers in Europe”
As Rosalyn Carter, Former First Lady of the United States, said there are four kinds of people in the world:
Those who have been carers; Those who currently are carers; Those who will be carers; And those who will need carers.

Let’s support carers now!”

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