HERO Erasmus+ Project on Housing

logoHERO-2.jpgHERO Goals:

1. Create a European curriculum, integrated by international Housing Quality Indicators (tool-kit), to help local communities to develop skills and competences, and their validation, for an effective Housing process

2. Facilitate the access to education on Housing of Local Communities

3. Increase quality of informal learning (work, family, leisure time) and non-formal learning in the social inclusion field in relation to Housing pathways

4. Widen the key competencies of professionals and non-professionals that operate in the social inclusion field

5. Reduce inequalities of learning results on behalf of people with severe mental disease but even those citizens that don’t usually pursue any form of lifelong learning on inclusion

6. Valorise the housing competencies.

HERO project transnational action in education and training was necessary to provide:

  • Updated, correct, interdisciplinary information appropriate for all interlocutors, that circulates among all the actors involved in the different stages of Housing
  • A flexible educational model to Housing, addressed to local communities, developed starting from the experience of those that are directly or indirectly involved with housing

HERO targets are local community actors where Housing is active or can be activated, interested in non-formal and informal learning validation: civil society, volunteers, professionals, users and families: often low-skilled adults on community based inclusion subjects.

For more Information please visit: http://www.housing-project.eu/index.php/en/

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